About Scott Schulkin, PhD, MFT

With over thirty years in the field of psychotherapy, I have accumulated the following experiences:

I have a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Clinical Psychology Master’s program at San Francisco State University. I attended the Wright Institute for my Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I have worked with people ranging in age from 3 to 94 years old.
I have worked both short-term and long-term with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of diagnoses.
I provide play therapy with children, individual therapy with adolescents and adults, see couples – both same-sex and opposite-sex, and provide group therapy.

My training placements/internships included:

About Professional Experience:

  • Kaiser (6 years on staff) – extensive crisis work, patient evaluations, numerous groups, individual and couples therapy from a brief therapy model.
  • RAMS, Inc (Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc) – conducted a school-based practicum and trained and supervised staff therapists. RAMS is a clinic integrating psychodynamic theory and cultural issues. Its’ main focus is working with Asian and Russian immigrants and their families.
  • Tenderlion Family Program – Family Service Agency of San Francisco – ran a school- and clinic-based practicum.
  • San Francisco State University – lectured and provided clinical supervision in the Clinical Master’s program and School Psychologist program for over 10 years. The Clinical Psychology Master’s program is very highly selective, accepting about 5% of the people who apply. In this program I taught psychoanalytic theory, systems theory, family and couples therapy and a model of brief therapy. I also chaired masters theses. During my time at SFSU I helped develop and run a program providing play therapy for children at HeadStart centers (between 6 to 9 centers depending on the year) across San Francisco. We also provided Emotional Literacy Psycho-educational groups for children and consultations for teachers. This program was considered to become a model to be used at HeadStart centers across the country. Funding was shifted away from SFSU, and the program closed. I also helped develop and run a program providing therapy for adolescents at CollegeTrack – a program in the Bayview District providing support for teens who would be the first generation in their families to attend college.
  • UCSF – provided a group practicum experience for one of the graduate programs for five years.
  • Private practice since 1995 – provide therapy for children, adolescents, adults (all ages), couples and groups. I also provide consultation services and parenting coaching.
Additional Consultation Experience (provided clinical consultation services to interns or staff at the following agencies  :
Invited Presenter/Case Discussant:

San Francisco Counseling Center:

I am the founder and director of San Francisco Counseling Center.  San Francisco Counseling Center offers individual, couples and group therapy.  We provide free trainings to graduate students, and free public talks. This is a truly talented and dedicated group of therapists.  I have been lucky to find this excellent and inspiring group, individually and collectively we are dedicated to providing high quality psychotherapy services.

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San Francisco Clinical Camp:

I am the founder and director of San Francisco Clinical Camp.  Based on my experience teaching and training other therapists for over twenty years and an ongoing interest in working with adolescents – this seemed to be a fun match!  With my co-workers, we have taken the curriculum from the courses I teach in the Clinical Psychology program at SFSU and adapted some of it for teenagers.  Developmentally, this is an interesting time since adolescents are naturally tasked with developing a new and changing understanding of themselves and the world around them.  San Francisco Clinical Camp is not a therapy program, but rather a chance to be exposed to a sophisticated curriculum and learning such concepts as how our subjective experience is altered through such phenomena as psychological defenses, transference, prejudices and preconceptions.  I found graduate school to be very exciting, and I have found that adolescents also have enjoyed the small group, intensive seminar style learning.

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